creating collaborative

environments + communities

Delivering Meaningful Experiences that Engage Community, Create Connections, 

and Offer Economic Opportunity


Gathering information on global and local movements that are influencing

lifestyles and values


Identifying who the project is for and the character of the projects presence


Curating experiences that the target market values and that aligns with the projects identity


Collaborate with partners that will strengthen brand presence and accelerate lease up

Case Study Maker Space, AMLI Apartments, Seattle Washington


Themes that surfaced during research revealed that the person we were designing for was looking for low-tech, hands on creative outlets; a more introspective approach to life. Many were transplants to Seattle, brought in by means of high tech jobs. 



Informed by the context of place, time and culture this project wanted to be a quiet space, a refuge that fostered creativity; an internal hearth. Reaching back to the vintage craft and arts that connected one to the tangible practices that give a mind rest. 



This informed a curated collection of experiences specific to the target demographic; a study, a workshop, a brew kitchen, a solarium, a performing space and central gathering space that became a platform for sharing ideas. 

The result was a record lease up, where property reached stabilization in less than 3 months. Industry recognition of a new bar set by this property in unique amenity spaces offerings that delivered in market traction.

I support commercial real estate developers in clarifying purpose and direction for a project that resonates with the context and current market trends. Through a Design Thinking process I explore how market disrupters offer new opportunities in the industry. 

I create a visual framework that captures the story of a project and its presence in the community. This allows for a clear focus for those who engage in the project both during design and construction and afterwards in the role it plays.  


I ultimately desire to create meaningful experiences that allow and nurture the growth of dreams and ideas. Spaces that deliver experiences of discovery that lead to truth and belonging.  



After working with Brialei Design, you may expect:

+an increase in market traction

+ improved economic growth through connections to small business

+ reduced design timeline, through a streamlined effort across all creative fields

+ feel confident in the product you are delivering as being a unique and relevant solution and response


"Bria has a unique ability to design spaces that morph into meaningful places. She thoroughly analyzes and understands the target market demands, translates that into creative and innovative ideas for amenities and public spaces, further layers on a look and feel that resonates with the users -  this process is the clear differentiator."

~ Scott Koppelman, Senior VP AMLI Residential